Photos & Progress

Here you will find original photos of the mill along with some of the restoration process.

Photo Gallery

This rare old photograph of the one-room school building that served the Double Mills community was a recent donation to Double Mills Inc. An early school, remembered by some Double Mills residents who attended it as children, became the Snethen Methodist Church community house and still serves as a meeting place and site of church dinners. Whether or not this building became that church hall is not known for certain, however.

The general store was moved to the mill site at some point in the late 1800s or early 1900s. According to some local residents it had originally been the one room school for the community, but this is uncertain. This view of the store, taken from the upper floor of the mill, does clearly show there had been an addition to the back of the building at some point. While construction is taking place on the mill, the store building was moved a few hundred feet to the east in order to allow large vehicles access to the mill itself.