Progress and Plea

Our progress since founded in 2007 and the Double Mills Plea.

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Saving Double Mills Yes! We ARE Making Progress!

Where have we accomplished since Double Mills Inc. was formed in 2007? We have . . . . . .

✓Secured the right-of-way to the property and constructed a fence along the north and east sides
✓Cleaned out all rubbish from the mill and store buildings
✓Had preliminary archaeological testing done around the store site
✓Brought in electricity to the mill and had engineering plans drawn
✓Had nationally known millwright and restoration specialists visit the mill and write a report on restoration of the working parts of the mill
✓Secured dozens of permits and conducted environmental studies
✓Boarded up windows and doors to make the building secure
✓Removed the crumbling chimney and patched holed in the roof
✓Moved the old store to the back of the lot in order to clear space for large trucks to raise the mill building off its 1930s deteriorating foundation
✓Poured a new foundation for the east, north, and west walls
✓Almost completed foundation under the south wall, facing the old mill race
✓Taken hundreds of photographs to mark our progress
✓Been awarded a grant from Maryland Heritage Areas Authority to help fund completion of foundation and some of the next steps in restoration

What’s next??

  • Complete Phase One of the plan by finishing the south wall of the foundation
  • Begin Phase Two with a new metal roof to replace the 75 year old one
  • Determine which of the original windows can be saved and which must be replace, and begin saving or replacing the 25 wooden windows in the      building
  • Replace some of the exterior siding, keeping all that is feasible
  • Replace or restore the large doors by what was the loading dock
  • Rebuild the small “Porch” along the west front of the mill

  • How do we get there?
  • Seek funding from grants, such as the one just filled with MHAA
  • Raise funds from corporate sources and public donations

  • We need your help!! Can we count on you?
    If you would like to help us finish this next phase of the restoration of this treasured piece of Eastern Shore History, we would be very happy to discuss it with you. We would welcome your help – either monetary donations, donating your time, talents, or labor, technical assistance, donations of property which could be turned into cash.

    Here are some projected costs for the next stages of restoration.

    1. To put on new roof
  • Metal Roof & sheathing                  16,000
  • Labor for putting on roof              7,500

    2. To install new windows
  • New windows cost approximately   $700 each
  • Labor to install or repair windows       approx. 7,000

    3. Replacing some exterior siding
  • [estimate] materials cost                4,500
  • Labor [no estimate at this time]

    4. To restore loading doors and dock
  • [estimate] restoration of door     4,000
  • Replicated hardware for door          500
  • Rebuilding dock/platform            4,500